Drawing A Day

Each day I do a digital drawing on my ipad. I started doing this in January 2011 on my ipod, using an app called Brushes (inspired by David Hockney). In 2012 I started using an ipad, and have switched to using Procreate drawing app most of the time. I do one most days; I treat it as a visual diary.

Some are drawn from observation, of whatever is nearby, or the view from my window. Some are thoughts, ideas, memories. They are uncensored, I draw the first thing that comes into my head. Occasionally I take photos of places, or of my ongoing paintings, and will also post them here. Sometimes I draw digitally on top of these photographs, which helps me work out new directions to go in the painting.

These images don’t exist outside the digital format, so far. I post them on Facebook everyday. They are there for all to see; a public space to share my visual diary. I hope you enjoy them. I welcome comments.

9th March

Todays drawing