Everything and the Kitchen Sink

February 7, 2018

Every year I like to paint snowdrops. This year I am waiting for the ones in my garden to appear. They came from Turner’s garden, dug up a couple of years ago whilst the place was undergoing renovation, scaffolding everywhere, no garden to speak of. I don’t think Turner would have minded.

Every day I am painting something on my kitchen table, or, sometimes, elsewhere about the house. Everyday things, the stuff of an ordinary life, a daily record of my life at home. It is an endless Artist-in-Residence project, resident as I am, in my own home. Once a year then, these 2 ongoing projects coincide.

Here is my first snowdrop painting of the year, painted in watercolour, on small paper 10.5 x 10.5cm, in a tiny vase I bought recently, on the kitchen table. If you want to see all my daily paintings to date, you can follow me on Instagram.

Residency at Borgo Santo Pietro

August 1, 2017

I’m currently artist in residence at Borgo Santo Pietro for August 2017, enjoying the sunshine, and preparing for my forthcoming Autumn exhibition at the Stables Gallery, Eternal Sunshine which takes place 26 October 2017 – 3 Dec 2017.

In addition, my exhibition A Guest in Turner’s House is at Winchester City Space Gallery until 7 September 2017.

A closing party will be held on Sunday 3 September 2017 from 1pm. All are very welcome to attend!


Residency at Borgo Santo Pietro

A new picture

March 9, 2017

For about 3 years, 2010-2012, I was doing an iPad drawing every day. This post, and those below, are a selection from that series. Sometimes I write, usually I just draw, whatever is in my mind, in front of me, or, as here, a memory of something I’ve seen that day. Every Spring I am thrilled by the play of blossom in otherwise bare hedgerows.

More recently, these daily drawings have become paintings, watercolour on paper. Again, the stuff of everyday, but usually based on what’s on the kitchen table. Restricted just a little by the materials needed to create. Whereas the iPad you can do anywhere, often in bed, last thing at night, a memory of the day before.