Everything and the Kitchen Sink

February 7, 2018

Every year I like to paint snowdrops. This year I am waiting for the ones in my garden to appear. They came from Turner’s garden, dug up a couple of years ago whilst the place was undergoing renovation, scaffolding everywhere, no garden to speak of. I don’t think Turner would have minded.

Every day I am painting something on my kitchen table, or, sometimes, elsewhere about the house. Everyday things, the stuff of an ordinary life, a daily record of my life at home. It is an endless Artist-in-Residence project, resident as I am, in my own home. Once a year then, these 2 ongoing projects coincide.

Here is my first snowdrop painting of the year, painted in watercolour, on small paper 10.5 x 10.5cm, in a tiny vase I bought recently, on the kitchen table. If you want to see all my daily paintings to date, you can follow me on Instagram.